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Exclusive Interview: Nastasia Townsend from Oxygens HIT SERIES Bad Girls Club 7 New Orleans

Jeremy Copeland: Thank you so much for doing this interview with me today, my readers love you and I know this will be an interesting experience! I guess let me start off by asking, How are you? How has things been since the Bad Girls Club?

 Stasi: Thank you so much Jeremy for having this interview with me means a lot and I love the site by the way. You are more than welcome to have me anytime. But I mean things are going good man, I have had my ups and downs but mostly ups.

 Jeremy Copeland: Lets travel back in time for a little bit, what motivated you to audition to be on the Bad Girls Club Season 7 New Orleans:

 Stasi: I had got an email from an old modeling agency that I used to work for about the casting. I had spoke to my parents and my dad was the one who really was just like I should try it out and if they say no then they say no but it would not hurt to try.

 Jeremy Copeland: Did you have reservations about doing the show just seeing the show an knowing what all goes down in the Bad Girls house as far as conflicts and fighting and etc?

 Stasi: I mean I definitely did not even think I was going to even make it in the house and then when I got call that I did, it was a complete mind blowing experience, but I was definitely ready for the crazy!

 Jeremy Copeland: Before you go into the house and your sitting in the hotel alone, about to get mic’d up and put in the limo to go to the mansion what is going through your head?

 Stasi: Um, I don’t know it was so weird. It honestly did not hit me; it did not hit me for a long time. I was just sitting there looking like “whatever” but once I was in the limo I was like “ oh my God” this is really happening.

 Jeremy Copeland: Seeing you on the show you seemed to be categorized as the house mom and/or leader, did you feel that you needed to set an example or not get into arguments and fights in the beginning since you were portrayed in that light?

 Stasi: Actually, No not at all. I did not go into Bad Girls Club to make anybody be like me or make anybody look up too me. I just went in there to be myself, made my own personal goals of personal growth in the house and all the other stuff is irrelevant to me. I was not interested in performing in front of the camera.

 Jeremy Copeland: Besides the fights and arguments what has been the most memorable moments for you being in the house?

 Stasi: Just how much fun we had. Its crazy how much drama they show but they don’t show not even a snippet of how much fun we had together living in that house and living with girls you grow to love and respect. Being there with T and Judi was just a blast besides all the drama and Judi being drunk it was such a great time. I am the biggest jokester in the world, its so funny how people are quick to say I am such a bully but I just love to have fun. I will sit under a table and wait for you to sit down to scare the shit out of you like that’s the kind of person I am. They showed a little clip of me scaring Judi behind the curtain like that’s the kind of stuff I do on a daily basis I love it. The TV show only shows you guy’s one side of me. Living in that house is not real life. Being put in the house with girls you would never encounter or deal with outside in the regular world and having people nit pick at you makes you evil and want to beat a bitch ass. Too bad that’s really all you guys got to see from me.

 Jeremy Copeland: What have been your favorite New Orleans Hot Spots?

 Stasi: New Orleans was a blast period; just walking down bourbon was an experience. I loved Envy or course and Bourbon Cowboy.

 Jeremy Copeland: What made you trust Judi and T to be friends and open up to them in the house?

 Stasi: At first I wasn’t that open I am very sheltered about how I feel about people. It was definitely different because I didn’t know anything about these girls. That process of opening up to people and becoming friends Is sped up 1000% because your sitting there and all you can do is look at each other, so you sit and you learn and you talk and you laugh and there is no faking you know. You can fake for two days, you can fake for the cameras but when your living with someone 24hr a day 7days a week eventually you will learn who someone really is. Living with T is amazing she is hilarious, sharing a room with her talking and laughing ourselves to sleep every night was a blast. Then getting to know someone like Judi, which happens once in a lifetime, getting past all the crazy and the drinking and really starting to get to know her and love her was great.

 Jeremy Copeland: When you found out who messed with your contacts what went through your head initially?

 Stasi: When T had told me I had kind of already knew because the bitch Shelly wanted to act like we were best friends for life and started airing out other peoples dirty laundry and could never say what happened to my contacts I knew it had to be her ass. So I was like Ok, its probably a 50/50 chance it was her or Angie but I honestly did not think Angie was that stupid to do something like that. But at that point when T told me I knew we were so close to the end that I was like I am not about to let that bitch mess up my last few days here so I am going to wait. –SIDENOTE- I DO NOT CONDONE VIOLENCE- I am just a strong believer in standing up for what is right and I am going to defend myself.

 Jeremy Copeland: So now that your out of the house are you trying to back to your regular job, Back into modeling and more TV work, what’s next?

 Stasi: Currently I am working on 1million and 1 thing’s right now, I am writing a book, which is something that I have wanted to do for a long time. I am modeling; I just have a lot of things going on.

 Jeremy Copeland: Being in the Bad Girls Club you spend a lot of time with Alcohol and Vodka, what brand of alcohol would you choose to represent if given the opportunity?

 Stasi: It would have to be Ciroc because Ciroc is the Devil.

  Jeremy Copeland: Do you plan on going back to Television:

 Stasi: I am open to it as long as I can keep my clothes on!

 Jeremy Copeland: What is one last thing you want the readers to hear from you or take from this interview:

 Stasi: I AM NOWHERE NEAR A BULLY!!! I stand up for what I believe is right and I believe no human being deserves to be disrespected in any way shape or form.


JCFeature: Exclusive Interview: Singer,Song-Writer and Musician PJ Morton from Maroon 5

 Singer, Songwriter and Musician. Tell us a little bit about how you got into entertainment business.

 PJ Morton: Well music for me started early on with my family. I was a preachers kid so it really started in church and then from there with my father being in music I was able to meet other songwriters. I got my break in Gospel music, moved to Atlanta and got my mainstream break writing and producing a song I wrote for India Arie and that really kind of started it off, that was my junior year in college and kind of kept rolling from there.

 Who are some of your musical influences?

 PJ Morton: Of course my dad because that was in the house.  I would have to say Stevie Wonder, Al Green and Donny Hathaway who kind of affected me on the soul side. I always said I wanted to make music like Stevie because its so simple and beautiful, talks about love and its something everyone can get into.

So what is it like being in American Pop/Rock Maroon 5?

 PJ Morton: We are in and out touring, I love my brother’s man. It is great music and good people so I love it. I will be with those guys for as long as they need me.

What genre would you put yourself in?

PJ Morton: I consider my style of music to be called soulful pop and with that it kind of goes through a few genres, there is a hint of rock, a hint of pop music, its always going to be soulful and some RNB in it. I am from New Orleans so I call it a gumbo

 Lets talk about your new music, what is the feel and message that your trying to convey to your audience?

 PJ Morton: I feel as if there are only a few subjects you can talk about in the world. I am still talking about the same things Stevie was talking about, love, life, relationships, so my message does not change much it is just new ways that we find to talk about those things. Stylistically the music evolves, changes and does different things, I am always experimenting and trying to stretch the boundaries of what I know and build on top of those things.

Your New release “ built for love” featuring RNB Songstress Jazmine Sullivan is amazing btw. What was it about Jazmine that made you want to have her on this track?

 PJ Morton: Jazmine was the only person I wanted on this track from the jump because I feel like she is the REAL THING! We are in the 21st Century but she is the continuation of the real thing Aretha Franklin had. I wanted to get someone who was authentic and I knew Jazmine could pull that off because I know that’s who’s she is.

LINK TO SONG: tmblr.co/Zs2onwBwN-BI

With this new project give us an exclusive about what other features can we expect from you.

 PJ Morton: Cannot really say who but I will reveal that I have a song with my brother from Maroon 5 Adam Levine which is dope, and then a few rap features I cannot name yet. I am excited about it.


When can we expect an album from PJ?

 PJ Morton: Hopefully April or May of next year!! I am praying and it looks like a solid date.

 Do you have any live performances booked that you would like to promote?

 PJ Morton: Man I told my fans that when I got more music I would start performing live so hopefully in April or May of 2010


What is one thing you want people to know about you?

 PJ Morton: I am a simple guy with a passion for music!

JCFeature: Exclusive Interview With Angelea Preston from Americas Next Top Model All Stars Cycle 17


Jeremy: First off I would like to say thank you so much for doing this interview with me. I have watched you from the past seasons you were on Americas Next Top Model and always wanted to sit down and interview you so that you for that. I will start off the interview by asking you, how are you, how are things going for you?

AngeleaPreston: Aw thank you Jeremy, I am doing fine I just have a lot of projects in the works right now. I have progressed from cycle 12 to cycle 14 to now an All Star. People may not see a big progression but I have definitely been working and progressed from cycle 12. But everything has been going good, I been on my grind and on my hustle.

Jeremy: So you are back on Top Model for the third time to obtain the title as Americas Next Top Model All Star. Since you have been on the show on 2 separate cycles and kind of know how the system works what was your mindset like going back into it the 3rd time?


AngeleaPreston: Since it was my 3rd time back I kind of thought I knew what to expect and just the protocol of everything and how it was going to work but this season proved to be very hard because we did not know what to expect. A lot of us thought because we were veterans of Top Model that we knew what to expect but we did not know what we were getting ourselves into. But over all it was a very fun experience this season. Cycle 14 I did not have fun because I was so focused on winning and I was so new to the experience but this time I really just had fun. I was great.

Jeremy: What was that feeling like when you left the first time. Where was your head then?


AngeleaPreston: When I left the first time and saw the last episode of Cycle 14 I kind of had an idea of what I wanted to do. I knew that I definitely wanted to be in New York City so I went to a lot of different agencies and they all told me no but I just kept trying and I kept pushing and eventually I did get signed, But it is nothing like I would have expected. Cycle 14 and after it aired I thought it was going to be so easy for me, I was like, I am going to do this and do that and it’s going to be so easy because I have this TV Exposure and it was not easy at all and I still grind. I feel like that’s where a lot of people get it confused because they think you have this notoriety for being on television that things are going to come easy but being on top model you have to work so much harder because the industry does not take you seriously, so, it has been an up-hill climb. I am still on my hustle, working and grinding.

Jeremy: So what was it like watching your-self grow on reality TV?


AngeleaPreston: Well there is a lot of things I can say about reality TV. Reality TV is very one-sided. So when I watch myself on TV I am kind of like “ Why did they put this in there “ because I know how the public is going to view me and it is so weird because reality TV is not really reality it is one big fantasy because they portray you as this one type of character and that’s what sucks.

Jeremy: So who would you say you are the closest to on the show?


AngeleaPreston: I love Allison, that’s my girl. I talk to all the girls though, I talk to bre, Bianca, Isis, Shannon, Im cool with all of the girls but the person that I feel most connected to in the house is Allison.

Jeremy: How is it constantly being pulled in different directions artistically, being told to change this and that, be more you and then be more professional, this and that, what emotional toll does that take on you.


AngeleaPreston: Well the thing with Americas Next Top Model is that it is not a really representation of the real modeling world. In the modeling world, Yes, you do get criticized and told to change this and that, your too tall, too skinny, too short, too big but with Top Model, it is more of a reality show so what they do is, they try to pin point your weaknesses and strong points and they prey on that.

Jeremy: I know being on the show I know it can be draining sometimes just doing shoots after shoots and so many opinions and emotional rollercoaster’s, what do you do to stay focused and keep that tunnel vision?


AngeleaPreston: Damn these some good questions (Laughs), Well, what I do basically is, I take it like a grain of salt. I am in the industry and I get criticized by a lot of people and I just take it as its just someone’s opinion and peoples opinions do not hurt me and it is not going to make or break me and I dust it off. Top Model gave me the opportunity to put my name out there but it doesn’t determine my success. Tyra, Nigel, Andre and everyone else’s opinion are just opinions and they do not decided how far I make it in this industry, its kind of like “ I respect your opinion “ because you guys are professionals and have work your way to where you are now and I respect that but it is still just an opinion.

Jeremy: What has been the most memorable thing that Tyra Banks has said to you?

AngeleaPreston: One thing that always stick with me was on cycle 14 when I was eliminated and Tyra told me that I wear my heart on my sleeve and she said that was not a bad thing but in the industry it is kind of a bad thing because you never want to show people too much, you never want to show them exactly how you are feeling, what your thinking, and what moves your trying to make and that is the issue that I did have and that I still have today. With me, whatever emotions I feel, I express them, but I guess in her eyes it’s not the right thing to do all the time in the industry and I agree with that.

Jeremy: What has been your favorite shoot that you have done so far on the show?


AngeleaPreston: I really loved the pink hot dog although I loved my picture it was just a super-challenging shoot for me. I had a really hard time during that shoot, like I was crying it was crazy but I loved the concept it was dope, I got my make up, I was looking fierce and I felt so fabulous doing that shoot.

Jeremy: Being on Top Model you get too meet a lot of celebrities and influential people in this industry, who was your favorite person to meet and interact with?


AngeleaPreston: So far I would have to say Latoya Jackson, I could not believe I met her, the Jacksons are huge in my family and so meeting her was unbelievable.

Jeremy: Has your opinion of Top Model / Tyra and the people on the show changed after being on the show?


AngeleaPreston: Well, what I will say is before I was a contestant on the show I was always saying I did not want to be on the show, I want to make it as a model without having Top Model say that they made me. Then I said ok well let me go apply for the show because Tyra could really put me on in the industry. So after doing cycle 12, cycle 14 and now 17 my opinion of the show has changed because I feel like, what are the words I can use, I feel like the show portrays like they care about us girls and that they want to see us succeed and they want to help us but in reality it is all about making that money and making that buck because if they really wanted to see us girls succeed we would get phone calls after the show. From what I hear, Tyra used to help the girls back in earlier seasons after the show and she does not do that now. The thing with Tyra is that we do not have communication with her, the whole time we were filming, the only time we saw her, was at panel. This is a business to her and I respect that but what I do not respect is that the show is about helping girls and giving them opportunities when 9times out of 10 it actually shuns away opportunities from girls because people do not want to work with us and then the people that are giving us this opportunity through Top Model they are only giving us opportunities during the show but when its done and there is no more taping that are like “ Don’t call me, you don’t know me, if you see me at this party ill say hello and that’s it “ So honestly I lost A lot of respect for the show.

Jeremy: So with all that being said what do you have coming up now?

AngeleaPreston: Well this year is going to fabulous and so is next year (laughs).  I was just in a film called “ Breathe “ with Robin Givins and it premiered at the American Black Film Festival and is going to be on DVD soon. I am excited about that because it was my first major acting role. I am recording music and always shooting and building my book and you will be seeing a lot more of me. Make sure you check out my website www. AngeleaOnline.com


JCFeature: Celebrity Actress and Recording Artist Adrienne Bailon

Jeremy Copeland: Adrienne thank you so much for agreeing to sit with us today and do this interview it means a lot to us, so how are you, how is life for you these days?


Adrienne Bailon: Thank you so much for having me Jeremy, I am great actually. Just got out of a studio was having a few meetings and I feel great about what I have coming up for you guys. I recently had a switch in management so I am super excited about everything thanks for asking.


Jeremy Copeland: We were first introduced to you by way of you being 1/3 of the former female recording group “3LW” and then re-introduced to you as Chanel Simmons in the Disney Group “Cheetah Girls”. Tell me, how did you become a-part of the Cheetah Girls?


Adrienne Bailon: While on tour with 3lw we had heard about an audition for this project called the Cheetah Girls, which was originally a book series, we were asked to audition like everyone else there. They loved us and I got the role of Chanel Simmons and it was a great experience.


Jeremy Copeland: What was it like working with Disney, did you feel sheltered or feel you had to change who you were to fit into the “Disney Look” or Lifestyle?


Adrienne Bailon: No not at all did I feel sheltered or anything like that, Chanel was just a character but I still lived my life normal as I did before I got that job. I lived and live my life with morals and standards so I had nothing to worry about and no reason to change.


Jeremy Copeland: Tell me about your new deal with Def Jam and this solo project that you have coming out?


Adrienne Bailon: Well I just got signed with Island Def Jam under Team Compound, the same team that manages Neyo. I love this new deal and you should expect something by the summer. This time around since I am coming out Solo I want to come out right! So trust that everything will be my best work and quality.


Jeremy Copeland: Now that you are back in the game and recording non stop for your new projects where are you pulling your inspiration from these days?


Adrienne Bailon: I pull from personal experiences, I want this to be a feel good album good energy and out people in a great atmosphere. I want this to be that album you throw on when you are riding down sunset blvd with the top down, or pre-gaming before you and friends go out to the club. I want and will release real music and you guys are going to love it


Jeremy Copeland: So we heard that you have just landed a T.V Development deal with a major network please tell us more about that.


Adrienne Bailon: Yes it is true. I do have a development deal with NBC nothing is set in stone and I cannot go much into detail but it is going to be amazing.  I am really blessed to just have a great team and people around me who believe in me and keep me working.


Jeremy Copeland:You have always seemed to keep yourself relevant and out of the press and media in a negative light what is your key and formula for that?


Adrienne Bailon: I mean honestly, I don’t bring un-needed attention to myself because of who I am. I live my life that way I have always done it. My work speaks for itself, I been in the game 11 years, I use my drive and passion and the fact that I stay grounded and use that fuel to produce great work. I do not get caught up in the hype of the media.


Jeremy Copeland: Before we wrap this interview I want to say thank you so much for sitting down with me today, is there anything else that you want your fans and our readers to check out under the Bailon brand?

Adrienne Bailon: Make sure you guys check out my website www.Adrienne-Bailon.com its full of amazing updates, photos and everything you want to know about me. I even go on there to see what I am up too from time to time. Expect new and amazing music and a single by the summer, and thank you so much Jeremy for hooking this up man your amazing and I will talk with you guys soon.


JCFeature: Exclusive Celebrity Interview: Celebrity Actress Erica Hubbard

Jeremy Copeland: Erica thanks so much for agreeing to do this interview with Me  How are you doing?

Erica Hubbard: Hey! I am doing really great, and thanks for the interview 

Jeremy Copeland: What got you into being an actress? Was that always a 1st passion of yours?

Erica Hubbard: When I was younger my dad said I use to imitate different lines from scenes on television on commercials or television shows, and he knew that’s when I had a passion for being an actress.  He said it was always something I was fascinated with when I was around the age of 9 years old.  So, he had a friend that worked for Sears and my very first job was modeling for Sears through his friend.  I really liked modeling as a child; so then we had to find an agent and they started sending me out for commercials.  One of my very first commercials I filmed at 9 years old as well.  Soon after that I started doing voice-overs, theater and then I eventually worked on films and television jobs in Chicago. After graduating from Columbia College and hosting a morning kids show I moved to California and started working in the entertainment industry on the West Coast.

Jeremy Copeland: Being an actress who has had the formal training and etc do you have more of a confidence when you walk into auditions?

Erica Hubbard: I feel it is very important to have training in your profession because it gives you the confidence you need to maneuver with in your career, and helps you to trust yourself that you can do the job. I feel very fortunate to have trained with some of the best teachers in the acting industry from Columbia College in Chicago. I was fortunate to take theater courses with teachers from Second City, Steppenwolf, Goodman, Piven Theater etc.  My teachers taught me a lot about what embodying a character really means. That’s the reason why I was able to play Madison in A Cinderella Story which is very different from Kiana in Akeelah and The Bee or Cassie from Lincoln Heights who is very different from Kita in Let’s Stay Together.  I love watching versatile actors like Tom Hanks, Angela Bassett, Tilda Swinton, Hilary Swank and emulate their work ethic into my craft.  Plus, it gets boring to see the same actors do the same techniques in every project. All the people you portray cannot act the same way because everyone in life is different.  With that being said, I strongly believe the right training helps you book more roles and join all three unions as an actor: SAG, EQUITY and AFTRA.

Jeremy Copeland: What was your first major role as an actress?

Erica Hubbard: I feel very fortunate to say one of my first major roles as an actress was playing Jasmine in the hitmovie Save The Last Dance.

Jeremy Copeland: How did you being a star on ” Lincoln Heights ” playing the role as Cassie come about?

Erica Hubbard: I had just completed Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants and I was resting and visiting my family in Chicago when I got the phone call to fly to California and audition.  I passed on the role at first because I wanted to stay home and spend time with my family.  So, after a week I flew back to Los Angeles and got another phone call that the role of Cassie had not been booked and production was still looking.  I go in for the first audition, and then I get a call shortly after saying  I have to go in for network because they are moving fast on this project and they need to book this role.  I go in on another audition and shortly after all the girls were dismissed except me and that’s when they told me the good news… that I had got the part of Cassie Sutton.  We shot the pilot in San Diego and waited for weeks to see if the show would get picked up and we all were so blessed that it did!  We shot four great years filming back in LA.  I am very happy to say that the show aired on ABC Family, and now it’s currently on Netflix and TV One Network.  I love the longevity of Lincoln Heights airing on television and all the support from the fans!

Jeremy Copeland: What actress did u look up too growing up?

Erica Hubbard: The actresses I looked up to growing up and still do are Phylicia Rashad, Helen Mirren, Tilda Swinton, Oprah, Angela Bassett, Kimberly Elise, Debbie Allen, Meryl Streep, Cecily Tyson, Queen Latifah, Whoopi Goldberg, etc.

Jeremy Copeland: All of your roles are so versatile and different. Do you not like being stuck in a box and being free to work different roles?

Erica Hubbard: Thank you, I love living and portraying different lifestyles because it is a form of freedom to create.  However,  if it is a great story I think ultimately that’s really what matters in accepting a project.

Jeremy Copeland: What is that one role that you have not played that you would love too.

Erica Hubbard:I would love to play an action hero with super powers in a film.  Last but not least, a good thriller would be nice as well for a movie role.

Jeremy Copeland: What was it like being cast for BET’s Let’s Stay Together?

Erica Hubbard: It really was an honor to be cast as Kita on Let’s Stay Together because it gave me the opportunity to be on a sitcom in a recurring role, and most importantly make people laugh and fall in love with my character’s upbeat personality.

Jeremy Copeland: What are your Tips to staying a working actress?

Erica Hubbard:My tips on being a working actress is plain and simple, if you are truly passionate about a role you will get the job that is meant for you.  In the meantime, always keep yourself working on your skills in the industry by being in a play, in film festivals or taking acting classes.  Remember as the old saying goes, “Practice makes perfect!”

Jeremy Copeland: Tell me about Erica’s Style, what do you like to portray on the red carpets and in everyday life?

Erica Hubbard: My style catches people off-guard because I am spontaneous and like to keep my wardrobe exciting.  One day, I want to be preppy, the next day I want to be a vixen and maybe another time I want to be a business women.  I have had red-carpet looks that range from elegant to casual.  Depending on my mood for that particular day determines my fashion statement for that moment…Lol!

Jeremy Copeland: What’s Playing in your IPOD right now?

Erica Hubbard:I love Adele’s Music and basically a lot of her songs gets my day going.

Jeremy Copeland: What are your thoughts on Reality TV, Do you watch it? Would you do it?

Erica Hubbard: Occasionally, I watch reality shows when I have the time.  I think it is an opportunity if someone is on the right reality show.  I would consider it later on in my career because it can be a good one that people watch and support.

Jeremy Copeland: What is your method to rocking out at an audition? 

Erica Hubbard: Honestly, prayer helps me first to get through my scenes because I always love being in touch with my Spirit.  

Then, my method to “rocking out” an audition is being relaxed doing acting exercises, and then I inhabited the character I am portraying in every beat of the scenes using all my senses and instincts.

JeremyCopeland: What has been the hardest Role you have had to play thus far in your career?

Erica Hubbard: I can’t say I have had a hard role because when you are cast in a project they are confident you can portray the character, and that makes me feel confident once I book the job.  However, I can say I was nominated for a NAACP Theater Award for a play I performed in, and I had to cry every night for a month or so.  The moments I had to go through to cry every night was hard on my body, but it truly prepared me for my crying scenes on Lincoln Heights being Cassie Sutton.

Jeremy Copeland: What’s Next for you in 2012

Erica Hubbard: I happy to say my character Kita Whitmore returns to BET’s Let’s Stay Together for some episodes in January 2012.  

Also, I am really excited to say I wrote a  couple of fun books for children which you can find more information about on:  www.booksbyericahubbard.com.

I am reading my books for a literacy campaign that my non-profit (www.theericahubbardfoundation.org) is having in 2012!

Jeremy Copeland: What’s a Stamp that you want to leave on the industry?

Erica Hubbard: The “stamp” I want to leave on the industry and with everyone who supports my career is that I cared about the projects I took.  

Also, I left a good impression with my community giving back through my non-profit as well as the images I portrayed on television and in films.  Hopefully, my work uplifts everyone who views it and I can continue to make great projects for the community that supports my journey!

Jeremy Copeland: Describe yourself in 3 words.

Erica Hubbard: 




Jeremy Copeland: What’s one thing that you want my Luxe7Magazine readers to take from you from this interview?

Erica Hubbard: Please keep supporting me and thanks so much for all the love you have embraced me with!  Lastly, keep in contact and visit me on www.twitter.com/ericahubbard and check out my website for updates at: www.ericahubbard.com  (Peace &Love Always!)

JCFeature: Exclusive Interview with Comedian Sarah Colonna from “Chelsea Latey” and “After Lately” on E! Networks

Jeremy Copeland: So, first off I would like to say that I am extremely excited about interviewing you, you are hilarious, amazing and just such a great asset to us and I thank you for agreeing to do this interview with me and being apart of my vision for this site, Thank you. So tell my readers and me a little bit about yourself?


Sarah Colonna: No, Thank you so much Jeremy for reaching out, I am excited about this interview, it is going to be fun. I am originally from Arkansas

Jeremy Copeland: Growing up where you always very humorous and sarcastic and did that get you into a lot of trouble?


Sarah Colonna: I got in my share of trouble here and there, I was really more sarcastic thank anything else. People always ask me if I was the class clown and I would say no I was really more of the class asshole (laughs), just dry and sarcastic that was little Sarah (laughs).


Jeremy Copeland: What made you want to become and Comedian and a writer?


Sarah Colonna: I don’t really know. It’s the only thing I ever remembered wanting to do growing up. I told my mom growing up that I wanted to be an actor and comedian and writing just kind of came along with it doing stand up. I would practice my jokes and stand up with my mom and I would ask her “ Aren’t I good”? And she would be like “ Ummm no” (Laughs). But I just remembered that I always wanted to do it. I remember that there was a second that I thought about being a lawyer and then I thought, No, fuck it I’d rather play a lawyer on TV.

Jeremy Copeland: Being a woman in this industry what are some of the down falls and obstacles that you had to face working in this field.


Sarah Colonna: Oh God, just in like general, it gets really difficult a lot of the time. But you know it was hard for me like it is for anyone just getting fresh out of school trying to jump into this career with hardly any money, having to wait tables and bartend before really making it. I mean I don’t regret it because those jobs obviously gave me a lot of great material (laughs) but yea. Thank God I was able to you know, scrape by on my rent and stuff, but just the general feeling of like, “What have I gotten myself into” But I never once thought about giving up because that’s not me, I mean I has crossed my mind but never that serious enough for me to be like, well im moving back because you only fail when you decide to give up. I spent a good 12 years just getting by, and getting work here and there and it definitely wears on you and then you get a little older and your like UH OH what is going on where is my life, what is my plan but it al works out. I remember doing stand up at the Hollywood Improv on Thursdays and being very new and people looking like who the hell is this girl, she is not funny and where is Drew Carrey (laughs) But I learned from that and now I am more confident.

Jeremy Copeland: So seem so relate-able and down to earth what keeps you grounded and humble.


Sarah Colonna: I am really just blessed to be able to do what I do and just really all the time it took scrapping and trying to do this really kept me level headed and I appreciate it more. You never want to forget where you came from or anything like that, I am not saying I am some huge celebrity or anything like that but I am so grateful I can do this for a living I don’t see why I or anyone would be obnoxious about it I mean really it’s a job, it might be in the public eye, but it is a job. I have so much fun doing it even if it is a lot of work.

Jeremy Copeland: So how did you find yourself at Chelsea Lately and E! Networks?


Sarah Colonna: I have actually known Chelsea for a really long time. We started doing stand up right along the same time and we were in this really bad improv class together that we both figured out we were terrible at (laughs), so I have known her all these years as a friend and fellow comic, so when she had the show she had me come on to round table and than its up to you after that, you kind of have to be funny LOL. Luckily it worked out and I have a lot of fun on the round table. Then someone was leaving and a writing job opened up and they offered it to me and I was like hell yea that’s definitely something that I want to do.

Jeremy Copeland: So how hard is it being a writer on a show that big and keeping materials funny, fresh and entertaining for the audience and viewers?


Sarah Colonna: Um it is a lot of work, as much fun as it is. But I think its great because we really talk about the most silly and ridiculous stuff on the show for the most part being celebrity based and then we get those stories like some guy porking a park bench that we find and so we try to make all stories as silly and light hearted as we can possibly make it and I think everyone still wants to laugh at the end of the night so its a lot of work but it is fun work. I get to Google terrible things while I am at work (laughs) for stories and blame it on my job LOL.

Jeremy Copeland: So you were apart of the cast for “After Lately” what was it like filming that show?


Sarah Colonna: I am so glad that you liked it, and I am so happy that we got picked up for another season, we are filming again now and show be airing either November or January, I am not sure but I think its November. It was long hours shooting this show and obviously no sleep because we would clock out from Chelsea lately and go right into filming the show. This time they got a little bit better with filming schedules and stuff so we could actually get a change to have family time and sleep (laughs). But it was fun, and its funny because so much of the stories are stories based off of stuff that happens in the office on a regular day. It is so funny to think back on these stories and then kind of re-create them for the show and shoot them and omg its crazy.

Jeremy Copeland: You guys play A LOT of pranks on each other at work, are you sometimes scared of what you may walk into at work sometimes?


Sarah Colonna: (Laughs) I really am. I don’t know if you seen it but there was this one time Josh Wolf put his balls all over my computer mouse, like I was so taken back lol and anytime someone walks up to you with a camera your like, “ oh shit what did you guys do to me” and with Chelsea, She has never actually pulled an elaborate prank on me like that and people say well, that’s good and one day I thought to myself that I should really be very nervous because she is probably planning something and building something up over the past 15 years  and so I am very nervous and scared of what that could be.

Jeremy Copeland: So what is it like working with Chelsea being that you guys were previously friends?


Sarah Colonna: You know I am so proud of her and where she has come from, just growing up with me working at Starbucks and than waiting tables to where she is not is amazing. I thought it would be weird because she would be my boss but its not I mean you cant take Chelsea seriously anyway (laughs). She keeps it fun and light so it works out.

Jeremy Copeland: Have you ever had a celebrity come up to you and not be so forgiving over something that you have said about them?


Sarah Colonna: I have not had that happen to me yet, I don’t even know if Chelsea has had that happen to her yet I think people would be scared to walk up to her and do that because they know she is just going to go back on the show and say that they approached her so it would be a loose, loose situation for them (Laughs).

Jeremy Copeland: Could you see yourself branching off and having your own show on the network?


Sarah Colonna: Yea I am actually working on that now, I am working with a deal on NBC about a show based off of my book that I have coming out in February so hopefully that will be on the air next fall

Jeremy Copeland: Great, so tell us about your new book.


Sarah Colonna: Well the book is called “LIFE AS YOU BLOW IT” It comes out February 7th of next year. It’s really a story about me really growing up in Arkansas and moving to LA and just all of the things that happen to normal peoples lives. I made this book something that everyone can relate to so I am super excited about it. Talks about my family and growing up and my dad being divorced four times and just me not know whether I should take life serious or not, it’s a fun book and everyone should go get it and/or pre-order it.

Jeremy Copeland:  So this week what has been the craziest story on the round table for you?


Sarah Colonna:  OMG so there was this kid who took his mothers crack pipe to school for show and tell and the police tested it and it had meth in it and we were reading this story like “ You have to be kidding me” that had to be the most ridiculous story. Then you get stuff like Lindsey Lohan throwing a drink at someone last week and stupid stuff like that and people expect that but it is these off beat ones that make us go wow this world is nuts, OH and there is this other one that you can look up and get a laugh out of it or you might get scared (laughs) there is this radio station in Somalia where kids call in for a trivia contest and the prize is a rifle or a hand grenade, yea so that one was crazy, we make jokes about it.

Jeremy Copeland: So is it true that the Kardashians have a contract with the network stating that you guys cannot talk bad about them on the show?


Sarah Colonna:  No, I think if anyone watches the show we really overly make fun of the Kardashians.

Jeremy Copeland: So what kind of music are you into?


Sarah Colonna: I am a huge fan of Hip Hop, love some old 90’s Biggie, I love country and then like the Foo Fighters and stuff like that, Im not sure what my problem is because I am all over the place but that’s what I like.

Jeremy Copeland: So Halloween is coming up what are your plans?


Sarah Colonna: I mean I don’t really dress up for Halloween anymore I mean obviously if you do then you just dress up in something slutty and just have a reason to have your boobs out that night, so far I haven’t really thought about it. I like to dress up in something that if you wake up the next morning in it, your still comfortable so I guess the less clothes the better.

Jeremy Copeland: So what is next for you?


Sarah Colonna: Well besides me wanting everyone to pre order my book just continuing to write and hopefully “After Lately will be on the air soon and will do great and we can continue to film the show!

JCFeature: Exclusive Interview with Oxygens Bad Girl “JUDI” From Bad Girls Club Season 7 ( New Orleans)

Jeremy Copeland: Well Judi thank you so much for doing this interview with me it means a lot to be able to sit and talk to you because you are killing our Television screens on the bad girls club and the moment I seen you I knew I had to interview you. Tell the readers a little bit about yourself.


Judi: Aww, Thank you so much Jeremy, Love the site and I was excited to sit down with you to do this interview. Ok so, a little bit about Judi, Well I am originally from Chicago Illinois born and raised on the south side in the suburbs. But my whole moms side of the family is from Louisiana. I am 100% Creole, I graduated from High school, I go to Columbia college in Chicago and I am majoring in broadcast journalism. I was the only child and growing up I really always knew that I didn’t want to have like a solid 9-5 job. I just have a personality that is too much to be sitting behind a desk, so that’s why I went to college for broadcast journalism, and I joined Bad Girls Club not only to have fun in New Orleans where my culture is from but to have doors open up for me as well in my field.

Jeremy Copeland: So besides what you just stated what made you decided to go out and audition for the Bad Girls Club?


Judi: Well it’s so funny because I watched a couple of the seasons and every time I watch a season I am like “ What” LIKE these girls would have nothing on me. I am love to party, I love alcohol, like I would drink all those girls under the table, I mean talk about being angry when your drunk, like, what they do isn’t being angry that’s stupidity, like I really get angry when I am drunk, so I was like you know what, next season I am going to try out, be myself and see what happens and ironically I went to the casting call here in Chicago, I took a couple of shots of vodka before I went into the interview and I was definitely 100% myself. That’s what people don’t understand; when you go to these interviews these casting directors have done so many shows, like not only do they cast for Bad girls club they have also casted for like 29 seasons of the real world like all this type of stuff, so they know when someone is being themselves and when they are not and I was just 100% myself and I think I was so different from an of the past girls and the producers where like we have to get this girl on the show. And to be honest I had no idea I would really make it like when I tell you that casting call line was full of girls and I was thinking damn well I hope I even get to meet them, and I did and it all worked out for me.

Jeremy Copeland: So when you got the call that you were going to be on the show what was your reaction like?


Judi: It was like a dream like I literally screamed, I was like OMG I can’t believe this and then when I found out it was in new Orleans I really went crazy because my birthday was coming up and its mardi gras season and I as like omg im going to be down there for that. I was just really excited all together. And then I started wondering what the house would look like and then of course you start wondering about the other 6 girls, and with me growing up with no siblings im think like ok yea this is definitely about to be an experience.

Jeremy Copeland: Ok so now you are in the house, it is your first day meeting the girls and etc what was your mindset like walking into it?


Judi: Your in a hotel before they bring you too the house and I was in the hotel for a couple days so those during those couple days im like omg, I am about to be in this house any minute like OMG and you start getting anxious but it really hit me when the limo pulled up to my hotel and picked me up, it had the bad girls logo on it and there where cameras and they mic you up and your like OMG this is really happening. Then I am on the way to a mansion, pulling up to the gates and seeing all the pink and the red and the bad girls club high up on the house, it was just crazy like I honestly cannot put it in words, it was definitely a dream come true. Like amazing, and then when I opened the door and realized I was the first girl to arrive at the house that was bomb as well.


Jeremy Copeland: This season you have the most created the most crazy phrases such as “ Im Creole” and “ I got the Voodoo for you Bitches” have you always been that girl who just always came up with the most random stuff?


Judi: OMG (Laughs) Yes that is me 100%, anyone that has come in contact with me always say I am crazy. I am just me, and I don’t think before I talk , most shit comes off the top of my head and its funny because people don’t realize that I am dead serious with everything that I say like “ IM CREOLE” and I love the Voodoo so yea.


Jeremy Copeland: Apparently the season is still on but you guys are done filming so what girls do you talk to now out side of the show?


Judi: I definitely still talk to Stasi and Tiara, and you guys didn’t get to see a lot of it but me and Angie really did like each other we just didn’t understand each other at the time, like she thought I was completely nuts and I thought she was completely phony but that wasn’t the case and I don’t talk to the other bitches, hell no. Like, What!!!!!, Hell no.

Jeremy Copeland: If you could be a sponsor for any Vodka brand who would u choose and why?


Judi:  I would defiantly have to choose Grey Goose because it really gets you loose! However you want to get loose it will get you there!

Jeremy Copeland: What types of guys are Judi into?


Judi: Dark Skinned, Light skinned, Pretty Smile, Straight Teeth, Beautiful Eyes, Dress nice and sense of humor, sense of education and like to have fun, clean finger nails please, what. Someone who won’t try to change me, laugh at my jokes and just love me for me.

Jeremy Copeland: Have you always spoke to Judi in 3rd person? (laughs) ?


Judi: Yes, I mean there was a few times I thought America is going to think I am completely nuts but I don’t care because I am being me. Me being an only child I was always alone. I talk to myself because I am my own consultant, im not going to lie to myself I am not going to stab myself in the back, so if you can be content and sit in an empty room and still have a great time with yourself than I can fuck with you and that’s being real. I still talk to myself even now (Laughs)

Jeremy Copeland: In the first few episodes you were bullied by all of the girls pretty much how was that for you?


Judi: I was really sad I am not going to lie, going through my life I always able to make friends easily, all I want to do was have fun at the end of the day and in that situation I was like wow all of these people hate me and I truly didn’t do anything. The first episode, ok, I met a boy at the club and was having fun with him and they were down my throat because I wasn’t apart of the “family”, I just met these girls like 2hrs ago like what are you talking about, a family? What the fuck, like we are in the club, did you want me to sit there and scream over the music and talk about my favorite colors and how my childhood was like I don’t get it, this is a club I am about to get drunk and flirt with some boys. This is our first night in New Orleans. Then when we got back in the limo, Shelly was the first one to pop it off and to be honest Shelly always was the first one to pop it off. I truly believe that Shelly had a crush on me, nobody can tell me different. You guys may not be able to see this on TV of course but there are a lot of bonus clips on YouTube and stuff and me and Shelly used to have a lot of those talks outside of the porch and she used to tell me I looked Asian and how she used to have this Asian Ex Girlfriend and when they used to drink they would fight a lot and if you realize it Shelly never had a problem with me until she drunk, and every time I would be having fun she would always end up throwing a drink on me when I was minding my business. I think she either had a crush or me or was crazy and thought I was her ex girlfriend when she got drunk. It would be hard but I knew that I wasn’t going to let these bitches make me go home and push me out of this beautiful mansion. So when bitches wanted to act crazy I would take Miss Voodoo and I would take My Vodka and go by myself and have a better party then I would with all of them together. It did get hard, It did get depressing and I did cry but at the end of the day all you have is yourself, your born alone, you die alone, Fuck the world because they don’t help you breathe.

Jeremy Copeland: Are you happy that you did this season of the Bad Girls Club?


Judi: I am definitely happy that I did this season of the Bad Girls Club7. I loved it I had a blast, I had a great experience and I hope that I brought something new to the Bad Girls Club, I hope America watches it and really enjoys it as much as I did filming it.

Jeremy Copeland: If you could choose 2 girls to do a show with who would it be?


Judi: Jade form season 6 and Lauren from season 6, I met them both and I love them, we have so much fun times, it is really about drinking and having a fun time with us and those girls are amazing.

Jeremy Copeland: What is the hardest thing about being on television?


Judi: Just people and their opinions, I mean bad girls club, I don’t think people really understand what that is. It is pretty party girls who like to have fun but definitely have issues and personality dis-orders. The cast is casted to get into it with each other, that is the hardest thing, just watching it back. And the stupid ass bitches on twitter who don’t know you and think they do and be tweeting you a whole bunch of bullshit.

Jeremy Copeland: So what is next for Judi?


Judi: Well I will be on your TV Screens after Bad Girls Club and I am working on a short film as well. I have T-Shirts with all your favorite Judi phrases and Mini miss Voo-Doo Dolls as long as my website and my own perfume line dropping this winter, just a lot of goodies!