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JCopeland Feature: Celebrity Song-Writer and Recording Artist India Shawn

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India ShawnJeremy Copeland: Hi, India thank you so much for being apart of the JeremiahCopeland family and agreeing to do this interview with myself and the site it really means alot. Tell my readers a little bit about yourself and your music!
India Shawn: Thanks for having me! I’m a singer/songwriter originally from Southern California, now based in Atlanta. Trying my best to make my stamp on the world. 🙂
Jeremy Copeland: Musically who is India Shawn?
India Shawn: I think the air in my voice draws a Brandy comparison, which is an incredible compliment. I aim to create inspirational, thought-provoking music. My goal is to be as lyrically powerful as Lauryn Hill and as timeless and classic as Sade. I think I’m off to a pretty good start.
Jeremy Copeland: You are not only an amazing artist but you are a bomb songwriter as well, who have you written for and who got you into the songwriting game?
India Shawn: I write alongside my partners Kesia Hollins and Jazmyn Michel. Together, we form a team called Full Circle. We’ve written for Diddy Dirty Money, Chris Brown, Lloyd, Keri Hilson, El Debarge, M.I.A, Monica, and others.
Jeremy Copeland: Describe your style, your fashion? What is the India shawn look becasue I personally have seen quite a few looks from you.
India Shawn: I’m constantly evolving, which explains the diversity in my look over the years. Currently, my style is sexy casual. I’m a woman now, so I’m okay with showing more skin, but I’m also very much into comfort! I enjoy mixing patterns and fabrics for a more eclectic edge.
Jeremy Copeland: Talk about this new Debut Album ” Origin ” . When is it set to release, where did the title come from and Etc?
India Shawn: The album released on the 13th of November. The title ORIGIN represents my personal truth, and it was also just a cool way of saying that this is my first album. It’s the beginning, which gives me a lot of room to grow with future projects.
Jeremy Copeland: Were there any songs on your Album that you wrote for other people or songs you gave away that were supposed to be on the album?
Nope. I definitely took time away to work on myself. Everything was specifically for this project. There are a few songs that didn’t make the cut that I’ll probably end up shopping.
Jeremy Copeland: What are your over-all goals and expectations for the “Origin” Release?
India Shawn: My goal in doing this album was to create an awareness and to answer that “who is India Shawn” question. I also really wanted to do it for the people who have been supporting me for so many years and waiting for me to release music. It was an independent effort. I just hope people love it and share it with as many people as possible.
Jeremy Copeland: Are you signed under a major label or working independently? Do you have plans or getting major distribution? Or do you want to keep it independent?
India Shawn: I’m currently unsigned. I’m very open to working with a major label.
Jeremy Copeland: What are some of the hardest issues you have dealt with being in the music industry?
India Shawn: The hardest part for me is that it can be more business than music based. It’s more about the politics and who you know now of days.
Jeremy Copeland: What celebrity or artist that has reached out to you to give your props or advice has been the most influential?
India Shawn: I got a chance to meet Will I Am. He was really inspiring, very smart guy. He gave me too much information to process LoL, but he showed me that it’s possible to be humble and genuine even at that level of success.
Jeremy Copeland: Do you ever see yourself doing reality tv?
India Shawn: Not really. It’d have to be a really creative concept.
Jeremy Copeland: Looking at music “RIGHT NOW” who do you see yourself doing collaborations with?
India Shawn: I would love to collaborate with Kendrick Lamar, and I never stopped dreaming about the Kanye collab.
Jeremy Copeland: You live in ATL and lived in Los Angeles for a while, which city is your favorite and why?
India Shawn: Aww, I could never choose! They’re different cities. I consider both places home.
Jeremy Copeland: Is it hard doing the song-writing job and wanting to be in front of the scenes as well?
India Shawn: It’s tough. I had to make a decision, which was obviously to work on my own stuff. I’m not big on the force of writing for other artists and being constrained to a certain style and subject matter. Some people really have a gift for it.. not really my area of expertise.
Jeremy Copeland: What would be the worst song you have written and your best?
India Shawn: LoL Oh no. I don’t even remember the name of the worst because it was THAT terrible. I would probably say ‘Benjamin’ is one of my favorites. I’ve got that one locked in a vault. 😉
Jeremy Copeland: Any Holiday plans for the end of the year?
India Shawn: Just a lot of celebrating. I’ve accomplished a lot this year.
JeremyCopeland: What are some of your goals for 2013 starting off, musically?
India Shawn: I would love to open for a major tour. I’m most definitely going to be collaborating with new producers and writers.
Jeremy Copeland: Favorite Quote?
India Shawn: “Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love.”
― Rumi
Jeremy Copeland: Anything Else you want your readers and fans to know about India Shawn that they may not already know?
India Shawn: I would like for them to know that I’m doing this all on faith. I have no label backing or creative team behind me. I’ve pretty much done this alone, and fortunately I’ve had a good level of success. I hope that inspires people to just take that leap of faith, go out on a limb, and do what you love without thinking twice.
The album is available for download at www.IAMINDIASHAWN.com
Orgin Cover

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