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JCFeature: Exclusive Interview with Recording Artist/Reality Star K Michelle from VH1 “Love and Hip Hop” Atlanta

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JC: First of all I just want to say thank you for agreeing to sit down with me today, means a lot. Who is K Michelle; explain to my readers who you are?


K Michelle: I am a single mother, recording artist and a cool down to earth person.

JC: How did you end up on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta?

K Michelle: I had spoke with Mona about being on the New York Cast but that did not work out for whatever reason. I ended up in Atlanta working for a little bit so when the opportunity jumped back on I took it.

JC: After watching the New York Season what made you still want to be apart of the show?


K Michelle: It was an opportunity for me to tell my story and what was going on with me recently.


JC: What was the hardest thing that you had to expose about you on the show?


K Michelle: Nothing was hard for me to expose, I am a real person and that’s what my fans love about me.

JC: How have your music fans embraced you being on the show?


K Michelle: They have been amazing, I have gained a ton of fans and they have been great.

JC: Being on reality TV, it can really make your career or break it to the point where people do not take you serious as an “artist”, have you been cautious about how you act on television because of that?

K Michelle: I just being me

JC: Was being on reality TV something that you seen in your career path years ago?

K Michelle: Yes I actually envisioned having my own show, which did not turn out how I planned it, but that is life. So when this opportunity came up, I was prepared for it.

JC: What made you move to Atlanta?

K Michelle: I really do not love Atlanta, I came here from LA to work on getting my deal and to record the show, made a lot of great connections but it is not for me. I probably will not be here for another weak.

JC: Describe each cast member with one word.

K Michelle: Mimi is strong, Erica is amazing, I love her, and Rasheeda is……… I don’t know, Karlie Redd is an absolute Liar and lastly Joseline is very misguided.

JC: What is K Michelle working on musically?

K Michelle: Well my mixtape just came out last week which is titles “ 0 Fucks Given, The mixtape is just a lot of different things. I’m not just one kind of artist. I love different kinds of music. It shows my personality, also I am working on an E.P / Album and focused on being a mother beyond anything else.

JC: Will you return for another season of Love and Hip Hop?

K Michelle: You never know, it has not been a bad outcome to me, so why not.




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