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JCFeature: Exclusive Interview with Recording Artist Trina Braxton

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Jeremy Copeland: Trina Braxton, how I have waited so long for this day to interview you, How are you?

Trina Braxton: Im a little hungry , because I am on a diet but outside of that I am doing great.

Jeremy Copeland: Before we jump right into your music endeavors, lets talk about your background and family for a second. We all became familiar with you on a mainstream level as being apart of the Hit show ” Braxton Family Values “. What was it like opening your life and issues for the cameras and the world to see and judge?

Trina Braxton: It was very interesting, it is not as easy as it looks, allowing your life to become an open book for the world to see, not just because it is hard to watch yourself and re-live a moment but also because you open yourself up too so many other opinions. People are only getting a one hour glimpse into your life every week but yet they act like they know everything about your life and while we do invite them for that moment in time it can be difficult.

Jeremy Copeland: It is no secret that the break out star of the Braxton family is your sister Toni who has broken records and has sold millions upon millions, being that you are now breaking into this field do you feel like you have the obligation to live up to that?

Trina Braxton: Toni is a veteran, she has been in the recording industry for over 20 years now. But we also cannot say that I am just now breaking into this field because we were the Braxton’s as a complete group with all 5 sisters and then we were the Braxton’s with just myself, Towanda and Tamar, this is just my first time recording by myself. But to answer your question it is very nerve wrecking to be solo and try to have to live up to the status of a sibling. I believe had we not been sisters it would be a horse with different colors because people will always do the comparison thing and especially since we are cut from the same clothe people will be quick to say ” You Do not Look Like Your Sister ” or ” You Do Not Sound Like Your Sister ” and that is fine with me because we are two separate artists.

Jeremy Copeland: Describe all of your sisters in one word.

Trina Braxton:  Tamar = Busy body . Towanda = Loyal . Tracy = Funny . Toni = Maternal


Jeremy Copeland: Growing up, who did you look up too the most and viewed as a role model?

Trina Braxton: My mother, she is the most virtuous woman that I know. I hope that does not sound cliche but it is true. I am not saying that she is without mistake but she has always done the best she could. She does not allow anyone to speak to her any kind of way and even though she respects us as grown woman she is still not going to allow us to disrespect her just because we feel like we are grown.

Jeremy Copeland: Was music always your passion and goal as a child or is this something that you did because it was in the family?

Trina Braxton: We were born to sing so I believe it was already in our nature as a whole. However, there were always many other things that I wanted to do. I always wanted to be an actress, which I am doing now, I used to want to be a model when I was tall and thin back in the day but I am not as thin anymore ( Laughs ), But acting and music has always been my passion.

Jeremy Copeland: What makes Trina smile?

Trina Braxton: OH Jeremy! A really great book and my children

Jeremy Copeland: Lets talk about this latest project, your recording, performing ETC. What is the sound and vision for this project that you have coming out?

Trina Braxton: My sound is very different from the rest of my sisters, I am very ” RETRO POP “. I wanted to do something that reflected myself and my personality so I decided to think outside of the box. When you think about the Braxton sisters you always thing about Rnb Soul music and while I love RNB music that is not who I am as a person and artist individually. I am a real jeans and t shirt Def Leppard kind of chick. So I wanted to do an EP that reflected that and who I am as a person.

Jeremy Copeland: What is the name of your E.P

Trina Braxton: Time of my life, it is about my life my struggle and very retro pop!

Jeremy Copeland: Why do music now?

Trina Braxton: There was always music, however, I would have love to have done a project with my sisters but we had creative differences. I told myself If I am every going to do music again now is the perfect time especially with the platform of the show, and not just that but I am getting older and music is turning to the younger generation but just because it is it does not mean that I am out for the count. So that is why I decided to do it now.

Jeremy Copeland: Will there be dancers on this project and if so what do you look for in dancers when choosing them to perform with you?

Trina Braxton: I can be very Choreographically challenged (Laughs) so I need dancers who will compliment me.

Jeremy Copeland: As far as image and your over-all look? What is that Trina Braxton Image going to be?

Trina Braxton: Comfort, relaxed, I would love to go out with a tank top and jeans, thats not what people what to see, but I do not plan on being the major glamour girl. My hair and nails will be done of course, but I will be comfortable.

Jeremy Copeland: Do you plan on having any major features on your new music projects and if so who can you exclusively tell for this interview?

Trina Braxton: Cannot say just yet but you will hear some amazing cameos.

Jeremy Copeland: Would you consider doing features with Tamar or Toni?

Trina Braxton: I would love to do a feature will all my sisters! At least one song on the EP.

Jeremy Copeland: If you could compare your sound to anyone  who could you close match it too?

Trina Braxton: Neon Hitch

Jeremy Copeland: What is Trina’s biggest fear?

Trina Braxton: Failure, It is not an option. I refuse to take failure lying down, if it does not work I will go to the drawing board and figure it out.

Jeremy Copeland: Biggest let down?

Trina Braxton: Myself, getting a DUI, because I am better and knew better. I overcame it by not letting it to consume me and letting friends and family help.

Jeremy Copeland: Advice with Alcohol addiction?

Trina Braxton: ASK FOR HELP and do not be afraid to talk about it. When we keep it inside we turn to other things, so you must talk to someone.

Jeremy Copeland: Would you consider doing a reality tv show following your journey through music?

Trina Braxton: Yes, I would consider, I think people need to see the good, bad and the ugly. Growing up I always had the security of having the record company take care of everything for me but now that I am independent It EXPENSIVE (Laughs). I have to pay for the videos and shows, tours, re-establish relationships with promoters and radio stations and make sure I get single play, hiring and firing, everything falls on my lap. My heart goes out to every artist doing it independent because It is not easy at all.


Jeremy Copeland: Favorite Designers!

Trina Braxton: One of my favorite designers for jeans has to be Chip & Pepper. I also love Reco Chapple, I Love him

Jeremy Copeland: Favorite Artists!

Trina Braxton: Def Leppard, Dave Matthews, Toni Braxton, Kelly Rowland and of course myself.

Jeremy Copeland: Favorite Magazines!

Trina Braxton: IN-Touch, Us Weekly, Upscale,  and Sister 2 Sister

Jeremy Copeland: Favorite book

Trina Braxton: Pride and Prejudice I read it every year

Jeremy Copeland: Favorite Beauty Products?

Trina Braxton: Carols Daughter, Light curl booster because my hair is natural underneath the extensions of course (Laughs), so whenever I take a break from my extensions and hair is natural I use the light curl booster because other wise I have a high shrinkage rate and I end up looking like Ester Rolle (Laughs)

Jeremy Copeland: What are your views on Beyonce?

Trina Braxton: Beyonce is a PHENOMENAL ENTERTAINER and anyone who says she is not is a hater. I believe there are also amazing entertainers as well but I respect her craft as a whole, she is amazing.

Jeremy Copeland: What is one thing people mis-understand about Trina that you want to clear the air about?

Trina Braxton: People seem to think that I just sit around and drink all day and that is not the case. I have been working on scholarship programs and working on the importance of education! College/Education is very important to me and I cannot stress that I will never take lightly.

Jeremy Copeland: Would you ever do Dancing with The Stars?  

Trina Braxton: Absolutely, I think I might need too, to help me on my 2 and 4’s because sometimes I be on my 1 and 3’s

Jeremy Copeland: Goals for the rest of the year

Trina Braxton: Finish E.P, Thats high on my priority list, go back to school and finish my Masters and get my Music Video out there! OH, also something that I can’t either confirm or deny, Season 3 of “Braxton Family Values”! And when the video comes out lets do another interview again I would love to work with you again. This was fun!


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