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JCFeature: Grammy-Nominated Universal Music Group Songwriter and Recording Artist Stacy Barthe

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Jeremy Copeland: Stacy, First would like to say thank you so much for taking time out of your busy tour schedule to meet with me today on such a short notice it really means a lot to me that you did that, so thank you. I hear you are in Atlanta, why don’t you tell the readers and I what you are working on?

Stacy Barthe: Well I am on the BET Music Matters Estelle “ All Of Me” Tour. I am one of the artists on the bill opening for Estelle, so we really have just been traveling and promoting and putting on some great shows.

Jeremy Copeland: You are no rookie to the music industry, but there are a lot of people who are still not familiar with the name “ Stacy Barthe “ give our readers a little bit of your background and how you found your way into the music industry?

Stacy Barthe: I got my start in music in Atlanta through Hit Boy. Hit Boy had just linked up with Polo and he invited me to come down and work with him, I accepted and we got to business. Hit Boy and I had built a business relationship because we initially met on Myspace.com when I was interning for Jive Records. He had posted something online looking for someone to write to a beat he had created so I hit him up and told him to send it to my email and off the back he was confused because he thought I was an A&R because on my page profile under occupation I put working at Jive Records. So for like a year and a half he would send me beats and I would write to them and send them back and so once we got in the studio initially it was weird because we had only dealt with each other via phone but it was a great working partnership. Working with him is how I was introduced to the amazing Ethiopia Habtemariam Vice President of Urban Music, Universal Music Publishing Group and she ended up signing me to my first publishing deal and now I am about to do my recording situation with Motown where she is an executive there through John Legend’s label. As a songwriter I have been signed since 2007 and I have written for artists such as Britney Spears on a song called “Blur,” written a track for Katy Perry called “ Hummingbird Heart Beat ”, Kelly Rowland, Brandy and I wrote “ Cheers “ for Rihanna on the “Loud” Album with my guy LP produced by “ The Runners”. So, about august last year I decided that I wanted to become the artist in front of the scenes because I was struggling with the songwriting side with situations like not being paid, waiting on if the album was even going to come out and it really just became like “ What’s The Point” to me. So that’s when I decided that I was going to be the artist and that’s how we came up with “ Sincerely Yours “.

Jeremy Copeland: Looking back as a child was music something that you always wanted to do or was it something that you stumbled over and found you had a talent in?

Stacy Barthe: Well I have always loved music, I cannot remember now wanting to do music. I have always had a gift to write, English was my favorite subject in school and I realized I wanted to be an artist at the age of six years old when we first got cable and the first music video I seen was Whitney Houston “I’m Every Woman “ and I cannot remember thinking about anything else. I am 26 now, so it has been a long time coming.

Jeremy Copeland: When did you find out that there was an actual career in songwriting?

Stacy Barthe: Well that was the “Stumbled” part in my career. I stumbled upon songwriting because I realized I had the ability to relay a deep message through song, so that is how that came about. It was kind of like my way in, I knew nothing about all of this and all Stacy knew is that she had a love for music.


Jeremy Copeland: Who do you look up too as far as vocalists?

Stacy Barthe: Sade’, Lauren Hill, Whitney Houston, Brandy, Mariah Carey and Bob Marley. I am a fan of everything that happened in the 90’s era.


Jeremy Copeland: Knowing how un-stable the music industry is, what keeps you focused and what motivates you to be an artist.

Stacy Barthe: I tell everybody that I would rather do it for me if I were going to do it for free. This is a grind, some days I feel like giving up and some days I feel so close but I feel so far. It is very discouraging when you see the bigger picture but other people do not and then people like to keep you in this little box, or when someone tells you that you will never have a number one until you put a number one on another artist and that right there pushed the button in me to feel like I am going to do what I feel like doing. I know as an artist I can relate a bigger message because as an artist I can sing the songs that I think need to be out there rather than trying to fit into this mold of someone else’s album.

Jeremy Copeland: When you get tracks to write for different artist, how do you know what will fit that artist for that record?

Stacy Barthe: Usually I do not have a method. If an artist is in the room or if I have a pretty good idea on who the artist is, especially if I am a fan, like I recently just worked with Alicia keys in Jamaica and I am a fan and have been for a long time since I was in the 11th grade, I felt her and I knew what the vibe was going to be. I am vibe reader and I am able to feel people out easy and dictate if they are good people or not and their motives in the studio.

Jeremy Copeland: What other songwriters do you work really well with in the studio?

Stacy Barthe: I work well with Frank Ocean, John Legend, love writing with Brandy as well and what people do not know is that Brandy is starting to write now too. She is so eloquent with her speaking and so fresh lyrically.

Jeremy Copeland: What was your first placement, and largest placement as a songwriter:

Stacy Barthe: First placement was Britney Spears – Blur and my largest to date was co-writing “ Cheers” for Rihanna which peaked at #7 on the charts and everyone knows the song so that was a great accomplishment for me.

Jeremy Copeland: Stepping into Stacy the Artist, what was the method that you wanted to get across with you released the E.P “ Sincerely Yours “?

Stacy Barthe: Well I released Sincerely Yours in August and those songs where recorded when I was going through a hard time in my life, things were not going right, I had kind of given up on music and it seemed like a dead end road. For some reason I was picking the same kind of vibe music and shopping them different artist and A&R’s and I could not figure out why nobody was picking up my music and I was getting tired of it. I realized that after a while the reason why this music was not getting any placements was because it was “MY MUSIC”. Realizing that, me and Hit Boy got in the studio, recorded more and he released them on a website and it had spread like wild fire, plus I had sent pre-copies to friends of mines in the industry and it was all positive feedback, I did not expect all that, so it was a major blessing.

Jeremy Copeland: How do you separate staying true to yourself and forming to what the industry wants to be able to sell records?

Stacy Barthe: I don’t care about what the media wants. When the music is honest and true to you it proves itself every-time. The Bruno Mars, Frank Oceans and Adele’s are artists who are doing that now. I do not concern myself with what people will think, I am just being honest and telling my story.

Jeremy Copeland: Coming into the new year what were goals you wanted to accomplish?

Stacy Barthe: Signing to a label, Weight loss goals, and working on “ P.S I love you “. I have a project before “ P.S I love you” , which will be my commercially released album, coming out in June that will be the introduction if the commercial album.

Jeremy Copeland: Is it hard transitioning into a recording artist when you are already respected and known as a songwriter?

Stacy Barthe: For me it has not been a difficult transition, It really has been a natural one. Everyone that I know and everyone that I have encountered have been really receptive towards my music.

Jeremy Copeland: Do you see yourself having a lot of features on the album?

Stacy Barthe: It is going to me mostly just me, but I really would love to get Miguel on a track, of course me and frank ocean will collaborate and John Legend.

Jeremy Copeland: Are you still going to be writing songs for other artists in this transition of you becoming one?

Stacy Barthe: Of course I am, but this time I am only going to be writing for the people I believe in and not just a check. If I do anything outside if myself, I only want to do what my heart believes in.

Jeremy Copeland: Whom do you find is very under-rated in the music industry?

Stacy Barthe: I think everyone that was under-rated is getting his or her shine right now. The people that were under-rated were the people that were making their own kind of music and the industry has become more receptive to change and originality.

Jeremy Copeland: Being a vocalist and mentioning that your first music video was in fact Whitney Houston “ I’m Every Woman “ how did you take her passing away recently?

Stacy Barthe: When Whitney passed I was shocked. From a fan aspect we put these artists on pedestals and we think that they are immortal and we don’t ever think that they could pass away and leave us. They will be around forever musically but people pass everyday. In the moment that I found out she died I cried because she was one of the bricks of my foundation, and one of the voices that helped me become who I was an artist, I was shocked and heartbroken over it.

Jeremy Copeland:  What advice can you give to other artist coming up in the industry about longevity?

Stacy Barthe: My advice to anyone is to do music that is true to you. What are you trying to sell and who are you trying to sell it too? I believe in accountability and I believe an artist is accountable for what they are putting out there in the industry. I am Stacy Bathe the artist today but tomorrow I could be Stacy Barthe the philanthropist and whatever tomorrow and anybody that listens to my music I want them to have a sense of security that I am truthful in who I am and not all over the place. I am never going to feed anybody the wrong thing. I am not perfect but it is all my truth. Be honest and truthful with yourself. Don’t be a song be an artist.


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