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JCFeature: Exclusive Interview with ” TAMI ROMAN ” from VH1 BasketBall Wives Miami

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Jeremy Copeland: The infamous Tami Roman, Thank you so much for sitting down with me for this interview. I have been trying to book you for JeremiahCopeland.Com since the last season of Basketball Wives Miami so it means a lot. How are you and how is life?

Tami Roman: Things have been going really well. The new season of Basketball Wives is in rotation right now and doing really well, I have my T-Shirt line out right now that I am promoting, I just signed on to be the face of the new Bronner Bros product called 4Natural, I am producing movies now, I just did this short film called “ The Tomb “ which will be screening in Atlanta on March 31st, So I really just have my hands in a lot of places right now.

Jeremy Copeland: Why did you decide to sign on for another season of Basketball Wives Miami?


Tami Roman: Originally I was not going to come back to the show. But when I did decided to do so, I tried to figure out ways I could add substance and value to this particular season. It is reality television, people are going to get the drama, the bullshit, watch us drink a million drinks and eat a million dinners but I actually wanted to figure out what I could talk about that actually had some value.

Jeremy Copeland: Last season the editing of the show painted a picture of you being somewhat of a loose cannon and/or bully to the other girls, being loud and quick to snap and fight and also being label un-classy. Are you happy with this new season and the way that Tami is being portrayed?


Tami Roman: I try not to put or blame anything off onto the editing/editors. My reactions are my reactions and up until this particular season I felt that they did a very decent job trying to show people the real story and what actually happens when I react. I have to say with this season I have very discontent because its like, people are seeing my react but they are not seeing the moment that lead up to that initial reaction, they are not seeing the full story of what actually happened, so this would be the first time where I will say that I do not think the editing is providing the full truth.

Jeremy Copeland: What was it like filming this new season starting off in New York City?

Tami Roman: I loved being in New York, I am from NY and I still have a residence in New Jersey, so it was like being home for me. I feel like we beat the Miami course (laughs), all of the girls are kind of tired of Miami and we are hoping that if there were a season five that we could start fresh with a new location and take on new ventures, new atmosphere and new people in a new place. But for me New York was great.

Jeremy Copeland: What is it like opening up your life for reality television cameras and for the world to see and judge?


Tami Roman: (Sigh) well, for me, I just try to use my life as an example is some way form or fashion. I am not saying that I am perfect; I am not saying that I am a role model, what I am saying is, this is my journey, I am allowing you to watch as I take it, I am not always going to make the proper decisions or hand things the way the viewers or anyone else may handle it but I am allowing people to see that I am as transparent as I can be and I just try to always be myself in those moments.

Jeremy Copeland: What is the hardest thing you had to adjust to being on reality television?


Tami Roman: Well most people know by now that I came off of MTV’s Real World and I have to say the biggest difference that and the 14 years of time of me getting back onto reality television is the social media aspect of things, that is taking a lot for me to adjust too. Because when I did the real world, if someone had something to say that had to sit down and actually write and letter and mail it in, But now its like when people are watching the show in real time they can tweet and facebook or whatever and voice their opinions right then and there, So you kind of hear what people have to say right at that moment. Its like, if I am watching the show and I Know where I am coming from during a confrontation and then a viewer is watching and they want to tweet me and call me a Bitch without knowing what is going on it can bother you but like I said I am adjusting.

Jeremy Copeland: Talk to me about your opinions of the new two additions to the Basketball Wives Miami Cast and your views of them.


Tami Roman: I’ll start with Kenya first, you know a lot of people think that Kenya is crazy and trust me I do too but I think it is a good kind of crazy. She has that aspect in her personality that if you push her far enough she is going to go off. At the same time she is kind hearted and I am not saying that I am #TEAMKENYA But out of the two!!!!! (LAUGHS), I definitely prefer her. Then with Keisha I just DON’T LIKE HER! Again I do not like her, I think she is manipulative, She came on the she by way of one of the highest executive producers over our show and I think at this particular moment they are doing a lot to make her look like a victim and make me seem like the angry black woman and I just do not think that is fair to the viewers because they are not getting the full story and this (Young Lady), because I do not want to call her anything else at the moment, is really not being truthful and not being herself, there are a lot of secrets, behind the scenes lip boxing, that she does that usually causes my reaction to get crazy with her.

Jeremy Copeland: What has made Tami that blunt, say it how you feel, I am going to speak my mind whether you like it or not woman?


Tami Roman: Just basically the things I have gone through in my life. There have been situations where I could not speak up for myself and/or didn’t speak up for myself because I did not know how people would receive the information, and with doing that I was violated a lot of times, in different situations throughout my life and I just got to the point where I had enough and decided not to be that person anymore. I am going to say what is on my mind, you either accept it or you don’t and that is that but you will always know you are getting the truth from me.

Jeremy Copeland: What was it about the movie industry and acting that gravitated you towards it and made you take it serious?


Tami Roman: Well for me when I came off of the real word reality tv was so new that people did not realize that we were just being ourselves and they thought we were actors. So after the show I started getting a lot of auditions and gigs for acting, got myself an agent and kind of fell into acting and I have been consistently doing it for about 13 years before returning back to reality television on Vh1 Basketball Wives.

Jeremy Copeland: What is your favorite monologue to do at auditions:


Tami Roman: I like to do a monologue from a play that focuses on a lady who is an alcoholic and ends up accidently killing her husband in the bathtub and while she is dealing with that she is having this conversation with God asking him why he made her that way and why she had to be an alcoholic out of all things and I think it is a very powerful monologue because a lot of people think that God is responsible for where they are in their lives without taking responsibility and realizing that it is our choice and decisions that put us where we are.

Jeremy Copeland: What made you decided to open up and speak on the abuse and rape in your life on this season of basketball wives?


Tami Roman: I felt like I was known for being very open and transparent about things in my life, I do not try to hide anything or put on a front. I wanted to use this platform and moment I had with basketball wives to speak on this and really make a difference and share that it can happen to anyone. The responses were phenomenal, a lot of woman hit me on twitter, hit me on facebook, email and let me know that I was not alone and that they either went through that or knew someone that did and I am happy I was able to take the focus just off drama and onto something serious.

Jeremy Copeland: With the situation regarding the Abuse, what was the final straw that made you decided to be strong and get out of that relationship and situation?


Tami Roman: I am raising two daughters and for me it was important that I showed them that you must be strong in any relationship and if I stayed in that abusive situation with my ex husband where then seen someone demine me and disrespect me as a person on a daily basis, be-little my character, physically abuse me then what am I teaching them? That is the reason why I chose to step outside of my marriage, for the sake of my daughters and the futures that I want them to have. People say “ You left that money and cars and etc “ and for me, all of that is materialistic and can be replaced but you can never replace your sanity, dignity and integrity. That is why I got of that situation of abuse.

Jeremy Copeland: Who would you say has changed the most from last season to now on Basketball Wives?


Tami Roman: I don’t know if I can say if they have changed the most, but I can see different elements of each person’s personality that I might not have seen from the beginning. I think as the season goes on people are going to see a very different Jennifer and even myself, when I met Jennifer I thought that she was boujie and I still say/think that too this day, but there has been some other epiphanies (laughs) over the course of the season that has not played out yet and so I cannot wait for people to see that. People will see a different semi relationship with Royce, Royce and I have always been very cool with each other but I think with the addition of the new chicks and her friendship with Keisha, it has put a thorn in our friendship and how she is handling it.

Jeremy Copeland: What have your daughters been up too since last season?


Tami Roman: They will be on the show later on in the season. One of my girls is an actress and the other is a rapper and Jazz has just been offered the opportunity to go on tour with Diggy Simmons and the OMG Gurlz as the opening act for their school tour and my other daughter is college bound in her acting classes. They both are working and following their own path.

Jeremy Copeland: What keeps a smile on your face?


Tami Roman: My Daughters, Waking up every morning, Doing what I love to do on a daily basis in this industry and my happy relationship with my significant other.

Jeremy Copeland: Do you see yourself signing up for a new season of Basketball Wives?


Tami Roman: I am not opposed to it.

Jeremy Copeland: How do you feel about the articles that are written about VH1 Basketball Wives being a mis-representation of a TRUE Basketball Wife?


Tami Roman: To a point they are right, it is actually one sided, all they choose to show is drama of certain moments, those moments happen once and they draw it our for 3-4 episodes and its like they refuse to show us doing our business ventures, they refuse footage of me with my family, the refuse to me with my charity “ Project Girls “ all of that stuff may end up online or on the cutting room floor because the drama is going to out weigh that, so it is actually a misrepresentation because we are all far more than what they choose to show.

Jeremy Copeland: What is one thing that you want your fans to really grasp about Tami Roman?


Tami Roman: The most important thing is that they cannot look at several hours of footage over the course of the season and think they know all about our personality, our character and who we are. They have to really understand that this is a T.V Show, so within that concept, they have to make it entertaining, they have to make it dramatic so that people will continue to watch, but that is not all I am. I am not going to say that what is being showed is not apart of my personality because YES, I will go off on you, you come at my improperly it is going to go down indeed, so yes that’s true but that is not all I am about I do not walk around with boxing gloves and hate everyone that I meet, I am a very nice and caring person, If I call you a friend then I will give you the shirt off my back, but those are elements of my personality that does not work for this show. People edit us to be a certain character on the show. Basketball Wives is for entertainment purposes only. It is not a show full of role models and examples for children because we are human and things are going to be said and happen.

Jeremy Copeland: How do you feel about the article written by Tionna Smalls when she called you and the other Basketball Wives “ BITCHES WHO HAVE NOTHING TO SAY “?


Tami Roman: Well for those who do not know, Miss Tionna Smalls wrote an article stating that Basketball Wives in particular dumbs down a person and lowers your I.Q. Well, I don’t know how you could make that specific to basketball wives when there is MOB Wives, Real Housewives, Jersey Shore, like there is so many shows out just like basketball wives that I think her statement was stupid and had no substance. Like lets be real we are on VH1, Not T.L.C, Discovery, CNN, History Channel like let’s be real. Then on top of that she wanted to chastise us about using the word “ Bitch “ when in the same article she called us “ Dumb Bitches who have nothing to say “ So its even a word you use, your throwing a stone when you live in a glass how. If you are allowing T.V to be the teacher in your house then you need to take a good look at yourself because all these shows are for entertainment purposes only unless you are watching educational programming. So did I give you everything you needed??? (LAUGHS).



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