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JCFeature: Exclusive Interview – Aundrea Fimbres formerly from Bad Boy #1 Platinum Selling Group Danity Kane

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Jeremy Copeland: Aundrea I would like to say thank you so much for sitting down with me and interviewing with JeremiahCopeland.Com it means a lot to us. Let me start off by asking, How are you? How are things going in your life right now?

Aundrea F: It’s my pleasure, Thanks for having me! I’m good and things are going great I can’t complain

Jeremy Copeland: How has life been after being in a #1 platinum recording group? (Danity Kane)

Aundrea F: You know it was such a blessing to be a part of a platinum selling group, Life after Danity Kane has been good and tough! There are always those times where you are trying to get used to not being in a group and it definitely can be hard at times.

Jeremy Copeland: What was the transition like going from major celebrity to the regular life after being dis-banded?

Aundrea F:  It was a change for me, I was used to waking up early, doing shows, working on a album, doing interviews and appearances.So, coming home and not doing that it was tough for me.

Jeremy Copeland: How is the personal life now? Are you Dating/Married? Kids? ETC.

Aundrea F: My personal life is good, I am dating, I’m not married and don’t have kids, I actually started singing with a latin band here in California in 2010 and was recently just named the executive producer of ” The Next Big Thing Talent Show “.

Jeremy Copeland: What are your career goals now?

Aundrea F: My career goals as of now are to continue to sing with “Soto” , Do appearances and to continue to work with my good friend Joey Perez in The Next Big Thing Talent Show.

Jeremy Copeland: Do you speak to any of the girls from Danity Kane?

Aundrea F: Yes I have spoken to the girls of DK, I haven’t spoken to Dawn but I do mainly keep In contact with Shannon.

Jeremy Copeland: Do you have any regrets with being in Danity Kane or leaving the group? Looking back years down the line do you wish you guys could have worked it out?

Aundrea F: I do not have any regrets with DK, We have accomplished so many things in life that a lot of people don’t even get to do , Sometimes I wish that we would have communicated more as a group than what we did but when it all came down to it we could have fought for years and Puff still would have had the last say.

Jeremy Copeland: When you were on “All About Aubrey “ on Oxygen, Why did you leave out of that rehearsal and bail on the performance with her?

Aundrea F: The reason I had decided not to do the show was because when we were rehearsing all the old memories came back, A lot of people don’t know what it feels like to be fired on national television ,My heart just wasn’t ready to be back on stage.

Jeremy Copeland: Would you every do reality TV again?

Aundrea F: It really just depends on the type of show.

Jeremy Copeland: Have you spoken with Diddy since the dis-mantle?

Aundrea F: No I haven’t!

Jeremy Copeland: What is next on your agenda for the rest of 2012 -2013?

Aundrea F: To continue to work with the Soto band, and continue to do appearances, travel the world, and continue work on The next big thing talent show

Jeremy Copeland: Lastly, if there is one thing you can tell your Danity Kane fans what would it be?

Aundrea F: Yes there is, I would just want to say thank you to my fans for the support that you all have shown since Danity Kane, If it wasn’t for you fans we would never have made it as far as we did, I’m so blessed and thankful for such amazing fans!!! I love you guys!!!!


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