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JCFeature: Exclusive Celebrity Interview “KIMBELLA” From VH1’S Love and Hip Hop Season 2

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JEREMY COPELAND: KIMBELLA, KIMBELLA, KIMBELLA!!!! How are you Love, I am super excited about interviewing you today!!! Thank you so much for sitting down with me means a lot. How are you how has life been for you with the show airing and your name being all over the media, jus how has life been treating you?

KIMBELLA: It’s been good you know what I mean, like regardless of how I had to come from one thing to achieve what I have achieved so far, its been really well. I have a really positive out-take on life in general and you know you have to stay positive in order for the good things to come, so you know, its good, I am happy.

JEREMY COPELAND: Tell me how you got onto VH1’S Love and Hip Hop, was reality television something that you saw in your future a few years back?

KIMBELLA: Well TV, Acting, Movies, Commercials was always my first priority, the first thing that I wanted to do in life. Modeling came about for me so I Felt like that would be a stepping stone into getting into Hollywood and what I wanted to achieve over-all. So Yes, definitely.

JEREMY COPELAND: When you got called to do the show Love and hip-hop where you hesitant about it or did you just jump on board, like what where your thoughts going into it?


KIMBELLA: I mean I cannot say I was hesitant about it, I was kind of clueless to what the outcome would be, I will say that much. I also was clueless about what I would be exposed too doing the show but it was good for me. It really took me a couple episodes to really realize what it was and what I needed to do to turn it around to work for me. So…… Yea (Laughs)

JEREMY COPELAND: So being in the entertainment industry you have to deal with a lot of negativity, rude comments, people judging you twenty four-seven. How do you deal with that and stay focused on your goal?

KIMBELLA: Well first off I do not read the blogs and that type of stuff. I always want everything to be positive in my life and I know that’s damn impossible so I try to just avoid it as much as possible. If it comes my way I just smile and laugh it off. Like what else am I supposed to do I am not going to kill myself because so hoe feels some type of way about me and especially if they do not know who I am and they are just pre-judging me like everybody else, so what am I supposed to do. I am only love myself for who I am and that’s what I am all about, that’s it and that’s all that matters.

JEREMY COPELAND: So lets go back in time to 2003 when you first started modeling in Miami Florida, how can you say life has changed for you from then until now.

KIMBELLA: Oh God ok, well my first son was born in 2002 and I had a really low self-esteem at that time in my life. I was in a relationship with my son’s father and I really just did now know who I was. So once I had my son I was like I have to get out of all of them mess in my life and I have to do something for myself. I decided to do something I wanted to do that will bring me up and make my life better for me and my son so I started modeling, which by the way was not easy at all. I had to meet the right people and I had to show them like, listen, I am not into the bullshit, I am very intelligent, this is what I am trying to achieve, If you can help me without the bullshit then great we are going to rock out together, if not, I am just telling you to save you, DON’T DO IT… And fall the fuck back because I am about my money. So after that I got my portfolio together, and, you know I did take a break though, I had got into another relationship that lasted 4 years and in that relationship the person I was involved with did not want me modeling, he felt as if I did not need to do that because he supported me, so at that time I just kept myself highly educated in school and working an executive job and just being a mother. After that relationship ended I pretty much got back into modeling because that was something that I really wanted to do. Then in 2009 things popped off and that’s when people really started to take notice, I had met Juelz that year and that’s when everything began to change for me.

JEREMY COPELAND: So Kim, Tell me what the deal is with you and Erica like what is the issue with you too and where did this beef come from?

KIMBELLA:  This is so funny to me like I am laughing so hard, I am not even going to outburst because its so fucking stupid. Listen, EXACTLY what you guys saw on the show is all that I know as well. I never met this bitch in my life. We have never worked together, I have never heard her damn name, I don’t know who her baby daddy is, I know nothing about this girl, up until the show aired then I got people calling my phone like, this is who she is and this is what she is about. I don’t know her, she came at me like we been best friends and knows my whole life story, the minute she got on the show she had a problem off rip with me like we have history and we don’t, and that’s really what it is, that’s what the fuck it is with that bitch Erica.

JEREMY COPELAND: So where do you and Erica stand now?

KIMBELLA: No we were never around each other at all. The first time I saw her was that first scene that we were together in and we got into that altercation, and the second time was in Miami, The third time was here in NYC When I confronted her lying ass and that was it. We do not share each other company, SHE KNOW WHAT IT IS.! Listen, I am a mother of 2 and supposedly she is a mother as well and she supposedly saying that we are mothers and shouldn’t be getting into all the this and I am like, BITCH You have a problem with me I don’t have a problem with you hoe, I never had a problem with you, I never would have had one with you regardless because I don’t do that, I am mature, I am a grown ass woman, I am about making my money, building my brand and taking care of my kids, Like what the fuck is you about??? So you know I don’t go around her, I don’t see her, but then again I don’t back down for nothing and no-one, If your going to come at me crazy I am going to do the same and I’m going to hold my own.

JEREMY COPELAND: Who do you actually hang out with on the cast when your not filming?

KIMBELLA: I hang out with Yandi the most, she is like my best friend, we do business together and make money together, so yea Yandi and me are sisters. All those other bitches I believe are fake. Somaya hits me up on the love tip and that’s about it, everyone else I don’t fuck with.

JEREMY COPELAND: So what is your relationship with Chrissy, what’s the deal with you too?

KIMBELLA: I never had a problem with Chrissy, of course I feel some type of way because of how that situation popped off when it was none of her business, she had no right to put her hands on me period point blank and I know she has to live with that for the rest of her life so she is punishing herself for that situation and I know she feels bad about it, I mean it would have been great if we could have just argued about it like normal people and resolved it. I have my own opinions on why that all happened and that’s that (laughs), the only thing I could say is that when someone crosses me or does something bad to me that’s just where I leave it, its really hard for me to just forgive and forget. If I see her I’ll probably just act like she doesn’t exist because then again I never got an apology from her and she knew she was wrong form what she did.

JEREMY COPELAND: As far as taking your career to the next level and becoming an actress, how do you feel when people say that Video Vixens and Reality TV Stars are not real actresses’ and will /should not be taken seriously in Hollywood mainstream?

KIMBELLA: Well first off that’s the problem with society, its prejudging people. That’s all people do, you cant say all video vixens cannot be taken seriously, shit I may have a real talent in front the camera, and doing what I have to do. So what I am doing to break that mold is just a lot of training and coaching so that when I am ready to be in front that camera I will not make a fool of myself and I will do the damn thing.

JEREMY COPELAND: Coming into 2012 what were a few things on your list that you really want to accomplish?

KIMBELLA: Of course since it was the New Year it was a fresh new start for everything positively. I have my website up and running. I am launching my brand called “BELLA” where I will have my T-Shirts, which should be ready in about two weeks as well as other products. I do plan on taking my brand past just material things and I am in the works of starting up some type of agency that will help women get into the urban modeling world the correct way where they utilize it as a stepping stone to get to the next step. You do not want to be an Urban Model only and you don’t want to be an urban model just stuck in the urban industry and that’s all your going to be doing for the rest of your life because you get older and you have to do other things to support yourself. So I just want to help woman out there do this right!

JEREMY COPELAND: What advice could you give woman trying to break in this industry? What’s one thing they need to know NOT To do which is a common mistake?

KIMBELLA: Keep your damn respect. Once you loose that then what? Don’t degrade yourself for a job or for some rapper who says he can take care of you. Keep YOU In best interest and be smart. I have NEVER Disrespected myself in this industry and that’s why I hold my head up high because I did things the right way and that’s why I am where I am today. And that’s why I feel Erica is mad, its like Bitch you don’t know me, you don’t know how hard I had to work because I did things the right way to get where I got and to the level that I am at in my career. So yea, that’s my advice. Do things the right way the first time you will save a lot of life repairs later.

JEREMY COPELAND: What is one thing that you really want to tell your fans?

KIMBELLA: Any situation I come into I am going to be respected and I am going to fight for it. Don’t prejudge me and don’t judge me because you don’t know me life.


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