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JCFeature: Exclusive Celebrity Interview: Division 1 Recording Artist and Actress ” Teairra Mari “

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JEREMY COPELAND: First off I want to thank you for doing this interview with me today it means a lot to our readers they really love and respect you? So, you are back with a new label, new music and on one of the top rated reality TV series this year “Love and Hip Hop” on VH1, how are you feeling?

TEAIRRA MARI: It feels amazing Jeremy. I have been working hard for years now so any bit of pay off is great for me as an artist and entertainer.


JEREMY COPELAND: In the beginning of your career you were introduced to the world with your hit banger “ Make Her Feel Good” which was the summer jam that year and was also titled “The Princess of Roc-A-Fellaz”. Coming into the industry with that title what was your mindset like?

TEAIRRA MARI: It was so crazy for me. I am from Detroit so I never thought I would see that day where I would have somebody like Jay Z co-signing me. But over-all it was amazing; I jumped into it like a deer in the headlights, I was very green and a young girl, I was a teenager so I did not really know what to be thankful for I just knew that I was happy and grateful to be in the position that I was in.

JEREMY COPELAND: You and ex label mate Rihanna was introduced to us musically at the same time? What do you think it was that hindered you from getting to the level she is now in her career when you have the better voice than she does?

TEAIRRA MARI: Um (thinks), I don’t know. I don’t want to say I am more talented than anyone. Gods plan is Gods plan. When I was younger I used to side-eye the situation but I am 24 now and I do not get mad at that stuff. I think that she deserves everything that has been given to her and that she has.

JEREMY COPELAND: No matter how long you leave us whenever you come back with new music the industry is always so open and the blogs love you and eat it up, what is it that you think you have that keeps the public wanting more from you?

TEAIRRA MARI: I hope that it’s the music that I bring to the table and my talent because that’s what I put my heart into. But I cannot really say what it is but that is what I put my heart into.

JEREMY COPELAND: Speaking of your new music lets talk about your new single with 2Chainz called “ U Did That” How did you too hook up and create this amazing collaboration?

TEAIRRA MARI: Rico Love and my manager hit that up for me. I knew 2CHainz from the group he was in. I was always a fan and I am excited for this song because we both have been working a very long time and I am excited to see his success as well.

JEREMY COPELAND: Listening to your music I notice that you like to play around with new sounds and vocal ranges what direction are you going with this new music your putting out for us?

TEAIRRA MARI: Definitely a lot more grown up than the first album. It will be a little bit more bedroom music material with an edge, very spicy, and funky.

JEREMY COPELAND: Along with putting out new music you also have new backing promotion as you have signed a deal with Division1 The Hot new label under the direction of Musical Genius Rico Love. What made you sign with him and trust him with your brand?

TEAIRRA MARI: The fact that at the end of the day I know its about the music and the drive of a person and I know that Rico and I together deliver great music, we both are driven and we both want to succeed and he gets it.

That’s why I did it with him he is like my musical husband.

JEREMY COPELAND: Besides your recent collaboration with 2Chainz who are you also going to be collaborating with in the future that you can announce exclusively for Luxe7Magazine.

TEAIRRA MARI: I mean I don’t know right now. I love a lot of artists right now so you never know.

JEREMY COPELAND: How did you end up on VH1’S Love and Hip Hop, you started off premiering in an episode with Emily visiting her and then you have consistently been on the show form that point on and even have kind of a story line now, are you officially casted?

TEAIRRA MARI: I mean there is talk, nothing official but I am praying everything works out in good favor. I cannot really say too much on that because nothing is set in stone but there are talks about next season.

JEREMY COPELAND: Being in this industry this long what is one important thing that you have learned:

TEAIRRA MARI: I learned that’s It’s a cut throat business and you have to keep people that you trust around you to support you. That’s pretty much it.


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